Attempted murderer caught during raid on criminal immigrants

A federal operation, targeting criminal immigrants at large in the United States, has seen the arrest of 112 foreign nationals, who have been taken into custody in the Los Angeles area. This includes a Mexican national previously convicted for the attempted killing of a peace officer.

The operation, which lasted four days, was conducted by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement personnel, ended on Wednesday night. Of the 112 arrested, 100 were men and 12 were women. All had previous criminal histories, with 62 having felony convictions for violent or serious crimes including assault, child sex crimes and weapons charges.

According to an ICE statement, the other arrestees also had convictions. These were either for multiple or significant misdemeanors. One had previously been deported from the United States and could now face up to 20 years in prison if prosecuted by the federal government for re-entry following removal. The rest of those arrested will be processed for deportation from the United States.

The criminal immigrants who have returned to the country following deportation, or those with outstanding deportation orders, can be removed from the United States immediately. The others will remain in custody, awaiting immigration court hearings, or until travel arrangements can be made in the near future for their removal, according to ICE. The immigrants came from as many as 11 countries including Guatemala, El Salvador, and the United Kingdom, with 89 from Mexico.