Beijing developer takes unique global approach

Modern Land, a property developer in Beijing, is taking one of a kind approach to go worldwide by selling US projects that give buyers in China the chance to move to the United States. The influence of the mid-sized development company, which specializes in residential projects that make use of green technology, is felt in as many as ten cities all over mainland China including the likes of Beijing, Changsha City in the province of Hunan, and Shanghai, and has 4.6 million square meters of total land bank.

The company now intends to move into the real estate market in the United States, particularly with projects that could give Chinese citizens an alternative method of gaining permanent residence status and getting a green card in the US.

The executive director and president of Modern Land, Zhang Peng, says that many of the company’s clients in China’s top-tier cities would very much like to be able to immigrate to the United States so on account of the fact that the company also wanted start doing business overseas it seemed a natural move to make. The developer is offering the EB-5 US visa Immigrant Investor Program, which enables foreign investors to gain permanent US residency and green cards if they invest $500,000 into a regional centre designated by the US government.

Modern Land has set up a US company and started building houses in such areas to help Chinese immigrants who would like to make use of the EB-5 US visa system. Investors need to pay the $500,000 immediately.