Cruz talks up immigration credentials before South Carolina primary

Last week, on Capitol Hill, Senator Ted Cruz was pushing an array of conservative priorities in the hope of boosting his campaign for the Republican presidential candidate nomination before the South Carolina primary. Briefly returning to the Senate, Cruz claimed to have made progress on a number of measures intended to appeal to Republican voters in the South Carolina primary campaign.

The Texas senator has voted for sanctions on North Korea, has written to President Obama about the issue, and is the co-sponsor of a bill intended to force undocumented immigrants to pay fines. This move could help Cruz to improve his record on immigration when compared with the Republican candidacy frontrunner, Donald Trump.

“The next administration must support the people who protect us from illegal immigration and punish those who break our laws,” a statement by Cruz released on Thursday declared in relation to the bill co-sponsored by Alaskan Republican senator Jeff Sessions. Cruz introduced legislation on Thursday to create a dedicated revenue stream from penalties and fines imposed on undocumented immigrants for the federal office responsible for identifying, arresting and removing them from the United States.

Lawmakers who run for president often try to tailor their activities in Congress to bolster their chances on the campaign trail. Cruz’s efforts have been particularly efficient and focused, perhaps in acknowledgement of the uphill battle he faces this weekend at the South Carolina primary. Trump is currently leading the field by as much as 17 points, with Cruz in second place.