Florida candidate Beruff toes the Trump line

With the state primary on August 30 fast approaching, candidates wanting to replace former Florida Senator Marco Rubio are putting themselves out there more and more, and Sarasota Republican Carlos Beruff is one of those wanting to convince conservatives on the First Coast that they should vote for him.

Beruff visited Jacksonville on Friday in a bid to become much better known and endear himself to local voters by trading on his support for the presumptive Republican Presidential candidate nominee, the controversial Donald Trump. Beruff is a steadfast Trump supporter who strongly agrees with the hard line that has been taken by the billionaire in regards to illegal immigration, whether it is coming from Mexico or elsewhere.

Beruff says that he has the same views on undocumented immigration regardless of the border that it is coming from but notes that it is the border between the United States and Mexico that is by far the most porous and in need of being closed. Beruff, who is descended from Cuban immigrants himself, also agrees with Rubio about the need to reform the Cuban refugee immigration policy that was first set up back in the 1960s.

Beruff says that a number of immigrants from Cuba are abusing the system by arriving in the United States to take advantage of financial benefits only then to go straight back to Cuba, adding that the current policy costs the US around $700 million per annum.