India wants US to honor visas

India has insisted that the authorities in America need to honor the US visas they have issued, even as the United States says that the decision to block entry into the country to a number of Indian students was not down to two California institutions being blacklisted but was the result of the immigration assessment of the particular individuals involved.

India made the statement following more incidents of Indians heading to the United States on business/work/tourist/ visas being deported. The US government says those deported had given border patrol agents information that was not consistent with the status of their US visas. The External Affairs Ministry in India notes that more Indians have been deported since the incident when Indians traveling to the US on student visas to attend Northwestern Polytechnic University and San Jose’s Silicon Valley University were denied entry.

Several more students have been denied entry and several Indian nationals with business, work or tourist visas have also been deported. The ministry says the two countries continue to be closely engaged on the subject and that it has emphasized the need for visas issued by US consulates and embassies to be honored.

The ministry has also reiterated the importance of Indian students looking to study in American schools and other Indian nationals traveling to the US for other reasons to ensure they do everything possible to ensure they have the proper capacities, authorizations and documentations for their place of residence, study plans, health care arrangements and financial support.