Latinos want enforcement but legal status for undocumented

The majority of Latino voters believe that the US gains entrepreneurial spirit and new ideas from immigrants. They also think that undocumented immigrants should get the chance of a pathway to legal status, according to a poll by Fox News Latino.

Nationwide, between 8-10 August, more than 800 registered voters in the Latino demographic were polled. As many as 88 percent wanted to see undocumented immigrants legalized, while nine percent wanted them deported. Ninety percent agree that undocumented immigrants who came to the US as minors should have the opportunity to become legalized. Again, nine percent voted against this. Almost 75 percent of respondents believed that immigrants make a positive contribution to the US.

Latinos have a more favorable view of the Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton than of Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump when it comes to immigration, Seventy-one percent believe that Clinton would be better, compared to 19 percent who prefer Trump’s controversial approach. Clinton wants to continue and expand President Barack Obama’s deferred action programs for immigrants. Trump wants a more hard-line approach, including mass deportation and the construction of a wall on the border between the US and Mexico.

Many Latinos believe that Clinton would help to keep immigrant families together but not all are convinced. Some believe that the former Secretary of State merely pays lip-service to immigration and consistently fails to back up her promises with action. Thirty-eight percent of Latinos want to see stricter border control in the US.