Obama budget proposals include immigration and enforcement

President Obama has unveiled his proposals for his 2017 fiscal year budget and has requested $4.1 trillion; however, comprehensive immigration reform could result in considerable cost savings.

The latest budget proposal includes critical investments while cutting the deficit by as much as $2.9 trillion over the course of ten years and maintaining progress, with the president saying that savings could also come via tax reforms, health care and immigration.

Obama’s budget plan includes compressive immigration reform plans not dissimilar to some of the provisions contained in the comprehensive immigration bill that was passed by the Senate back in 2013. Projections from the independent Congressional Budget Office indicate that these plans would cut the deficit by almost $170 billion in the next decade and by up to $1 trillion within 20 years.

The budget plan for the 2017 fiscal year seeks to invest in border security by supporting the immigration-related agencies of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Homeland Security would receive net discretionary funding to the tune of $40.6 billion and continue to enforce and administer strategies “that promote lawful immigration while reducing illegal pathways”.

The DHS says that it is committed to using resources to unite immigrant families that have legally entered the United States; however, those classified in its Priority Enforcement Program will still be prioritized for removal.

A $7 billion budget for US Customs and Border Protection would invest in extra vehicles, intelligence, technology, accountability and transparency.