Senator predicts united front with Trump

Wyoming Senator John Barrasso says that he thinks fears that Donald Trump, the controversial billionaire who has become the presumptive Presidential candidate nominee for the Republicans, will stray from the core ideology of the party are misplaced.

Barrasso, who is to be chair of this summer’s  Republican Platform Committee in Cleveland, says he believes that the GOP platform will be embraced by the maverick real estate mogul.

It is however still uncertain precisely what that platform will be, given that the Republican Party still seems torn between the key promises of the Trump campaign and more traditional party policies, with his controversial stance on many immigration policies among the crucial yet most contentious of his promises.

Interestingly, Barrasso did not deny that those policies could be a part of the party’s platform during an interview with Jonathan Karl, the Chief White House Correspondent for ABC News on Sunday’s edition of This Week. Barrasso pointed out that it would be a conservative platform that would look to the future in an optimistic and positive way, focusing on national security, the US economy and jobs, adding that the former was connected to Trump’s stance.

Barrasso says the party will likely be more hard-line on Trump’s lack of interest in reforming Medicare and social security, on which he stands in contrast to most other Republicans, but that it will be happy to negotiate with him in relation to his strong platform against illegal immigration. Barrasso added that he believes the Republican Party will emerge united from the convention, in contrast to the “deeply divided” Democrats.