South Carolina voters against Muslim immigration

The great majority of Republican voters in South Carolina want to prevent more Muslim immigrants entering the United States, even though most also want to protect the religious rights of believers already in the United States. This is according to a new poll by Public Policy Polling, which is affiliated with the Democratic Party.   

The poll demonstrates the ability of Americans to be against foreign doctrines while also respecting the rights of Americans, whether immigrant or native-born, to embrace these doctrines regardless of how disliked they are. Of Republican voters in South Carolina, 60 percent were in favor of banning further Muslim immigration to the United States; however, just 29 percent wanted to see mosques banned in the US and only 25 percent wanted Islamic doctrines to be declared illegal.

Of those polled, 47 percent were adamantly opposed to the idea of closing down mosques in the United States, with 36 percent against the idea of keeping a database of all Muslims in the country and 53 percent feeling that Islam should remain legal; however, 80 percent of those who support Republican presidential candidate nominee Donald Trump want further Muslim immigration banned and 40 percent would agree with the closing of mosques under certain circumstances.

South Carolina Republicans had fewer objections to gay and lesbian immigration, with just 23 percent in favor of and 63 percent opposed to restrictions. Homosexuality is seen as unacceptable in almost all cultures with a Muslim majority.