Syrian nationals gain temporary amnesty

Temporary protected status has been redesigned and extended by the Department of Homeland Security in order to give the benefit to thousands of immigrant Syrian nationals currently in the United States. Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of the Department, announced this on Monday. Temporary protected status is given to foreign nationals whatever their legal status, who cannot be safely returned to their home country or where inadequate handling by the nation in question is expected.

Monday’s announcement means that an estimated 5800 current Syrian beneficiaries of temporary protected status are likely to put in an application for re-registration, with approximately 2500 extra Syrians expected to submit their initial applications for the benefit in order for them to be able to continue to stay and find employment in the United States.

The benefit is set to last for a further 18 months from the 1st of October through to the 31st of March 2018, although it may well be redesigned again before then, as has previously been the case. The Federal Register announcement states that the ongoing armed conflict in Syria as well as other temporary and extraordinary conditions in the country has led the Secretary to determine that extending and redesigning TPS for Syrians is warranted.

Around 13 countries are currently designated for temporary protected status. Syrian immigrant nationals who want to take advantage of the benefit need to be able to show that they have stayed continuously in the United States as of the 1st of August 2016.