Trump denies changing immigration stance

Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, has denied that he is changing his views on immigration on wanting to deport the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the US. This is despite clear indications to the contrary from his new campaign manager.

In an interview on Monday, with Fox & Friends, Trump denied “flip-flopping” on the issue. He insisted that he has always wanted to find a firm but fair solution to the issue. Trump has previously suggested the establishment of a deportation force to deport the millions of immigrants in the US. This proposal alienated many of the potentially crucial Hispanic voters, yet also energized a large number of his core supporters. Republican leaders, though, are afraid that Trump will be unable to win the White House in November unless his appeal extends to other demographics.

There have been some signs that the controversial candidate would be willing to moderate his attitude to undocumented immigrants and deportations. Religious and Hispanic leaders met with Trump at the Republican convention last month and suggested that he is willing to embrace an immigration alternative that is compassionate as well as strictly abiding by the law.

Trump’s comments follow in the wake of Republican officials claiming their candidate is in full stride, and likely to match the popularity of the Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, by the start of next month. Trump is currently lagging around five points behind Clinton.