Trump leads California as Republican Party fractures

There are less than three months before the California Republican primary and controversial Presidential candidate nominee Donald Trump is riding the waves of voter rebellion with people who are fed up with illegal immigration and fear for the country’s future. This is according to a new poll from USC Dornsife and the Los Angeles Times.

However popular Trump may be with many voters, his candidacy appears to be fracturing the Republican Party, with a quarter of Republican voters in California claiming they will refuse to vote for the billionaire in the US Presidential election in November if he does indeed become the party’s candidate following its summer convention. Many of those voters support Senator Ted Cruz, but Cruz is viewed with almost equal suspicion by Trump supporters.

The division could cause a big problem for Republicans in California, which is already one of the most Democratic states in the whole of the United States, particularly in some of the particularly hotly contested congressional districts. Trump, who seems to be loved and hated in equal measure for his controversial stance on immigration and other issues, appears to be leading in the great majority of areas barring the Central Valley, according to the poll. Immigration is a particularly hot topic among California Republicans following a bitter 1994 dispute over anti-immigration measures.

The real estate magnate continues to hold a commanding lead among college graduates and, despite the media’s attempts to paint him as sexist after his war of words with Megyn Kelly of Fox News, seems to be equally as popular with women as with men.