Trump starting to look like Republican favorite

The Republican Nevada presidential caucuses were won by maverick billionaire Donald Trump in a convincing victory that seems to make the chances of him becoming his party’s official Presidential candidate – once seen as unthinkable – more and more likely. The American electorate appears to have grown tired of the existing political establishment in the United States and gave Trump his third win in succession in the Republican primary race, with the real estate mogul tapping into mass concerns over illegal immigration and the economy.

Early returns quickly indicated that Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz – at this point seen as Trump’s only real rivals for the nomination – were trailing some way behind the politically incorrect billionaire whose momentum currently appears to be unstoppable as the “Super Tuesday” contests loom next week.

Almost six out of ten voters polled by CBS News declared their anger at the current US government, with a similar percentage intent on seeing a political outsider such as Trump become the next President. Trump has been well ahead in recent polls in the state and had large crowds packing into his rallies, but despite the success of his calls for a return to nationalism and the end of illegal immigration a victory in Nevada was by no means seen as a certainty.

Rubio and Cruz labored to present themselves to Nevada caucus voters as a still conservative alternative to Trump, but neither was able to work out how to bring Trump’s increasing support to their own camps.