Trump wants America to come first on immigration

Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential candidate nominee frontrunner, has pledged to change policies relating to immigration and trade in order to put the United States first in a wide-ranging address that harshly criticized current President Barack Obama in addition to the Democratic Presidential candidate nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump gave a fairly restrained talk that lasted for about forty minutes at the Mayflower Hotel on Wednesday, but did not shirk from taking aim at Obama and Clinton for their foreign policy, which he described as aimless and rudderless and “a complete and total disaster”. However, Trump also took issue with the neoconservative policies adopted by the George W Bush administration – particularly the decision to invade Iraq – and the foreign economic policy consensus in the decades since the Second World War.

Trump says that America can no longer afford to surrender to the falsity of the globalist agenda and that he views international unions that bring the United States down with extreme skepticism, adding that if he becomes President there will be no entering into agreements that reduce America’s ability to deal with their own issues as they see fit.

Trump went on to say that Americans also need to feel that they are once more being put first when it comes to trade, foreign policy and immigration, saying that the country no longer has clear goals when it comes to foreign policy and that the country’s current immigration policies are “senseless”. Trump added that America needs to focus on bringing stability back to the world and to get out of the nation-building business.