US detains DJ Crème

On Wednesday, celebrated music talent DJ Crème was arrested in the United States, where he had intended to go on a one month tour, and faces being deported back to Kenya for having the wrong kind of US visa. Crème is currently being held in the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Charles Tall Oliver, a promoter based in Dallas, says that the popular DJ flew into the United States on Wednesday to prepare for a month long tour but was taken into at the airport by officials from US immigration because he did not have the correct form of US visa to enable him to work in the country. Crème was apparently discovered to be traveling on a visitor’s visa despite already having shows lined up for him to perform.

The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport immigration officials could even prove that DJ Crème intended to headline shows within the United States, having possession of fliers promoting the performances he intended to give. Oliver claims that a rival promoter may have well have informed on DJ Crème to immigration authorities in order to adversely affect the attendance of the shows, which were to be hosted by Vera Sidika, who may now also not be attending on the advice of a Kenyan embassy official. Other acts at the shows remain unaffected.

The United States operates a strict policy when it comes to foreigners and US visas and, while no further developments have yet been announced, it is likely that Crème will be deported and have to apply for the correct US visa if he wishes to come back and perform in the country.