US immigration detains Bollywood star again

On Thursday, the famous Indian actor, Shah Rukh Khan found himself stopped and detained by immigration authorities on entering the US via Los Angeles Airport. This is the third time the actor has fallen foul of US Border Patrol for no reason.

Although later released without further problems, it is uncertain how long Khan was questioned or the reason for stopping him. The US Ambassador to India later issued an apology to the actor via Twitter. He said that Khan’s work inspires millions of people around the world, including in the US, and added that they are attempting to make sure such an incident does not take place for the fourth time.

The incident appears to have been captured by social media, with the Bollywood star posting on Twitter that while he respects the need for security, it “really really sucks” to be detained by US immigration authorities almost every time he enters the country. He appears to have maintained his sense of humor about the situation, though, joking that while in detention he was able to capture several characters from Pokémon Go.

Khan was held for questioning for the first time in 2009 at Newark Airport. The Indian Embassy intervened to secure his release after two hours. He then found himself detained for a 90-minute period at White Plains in 2012 after using a private jet to fly into the US.