When an Immigrant Faces Deportation

Deportation is an immensely scary word for most immigrants. It can mean that you are about to be removed from the US, that US visas can be revoked, and that your future in securing a green card may be uncertain. In most cases, US immigration authorities initiate deportation proceedings when they believe that a serious violation of the terms of US visas has occurred.

If you are facing deportation, it is important to stay calm and to act quickly. As an immigrant, you do have many rights and you may still have a chance to save your visa and green card while avoiding deportation and detainment. The first step is to avoid signing anything without speaking with a qualified US immigration attorney. A good attorney can review your case and can help you understand whether there is anything you can do to legally fight the deportation. A good US immigration attorney can also ensure that you do not sign away your rights.

In some cases, you may be able to arrange for a cancellation of removal to ensure that you are not deported. You may be eligible for this if you have had a green card for 5 years, have lived in the US for at least seven years, and have never been convicted of a felony. If you do not have a green card but have lived in the US for at least ten years and can prove a good moral character as well as the fact that your deportation could cause serious hardship for your US citizen family, you may also be able to get a cancellation of your removal. Of course, proving these things in court can be daunting, which is one reason why a good US immigration attorney is important. In some cases, a refugee or immigrant association may be able to help you get help or a good attorney.

You may be able to prove that you should not be deported from the US, but in most cases this will require a cancellation of removal hearing, which you can request. You will need to arrive at this hearing with representation or strong proof of why you should be allowed to remain in the US. Generally, if you have not been found guilty of a crime, you have a chance of avoiding deportation. If you have been the victim of a crime, your immigration attorney can also help you get assistance and possibly avoid deportation.