The USCIS Civic and Citizenship Toolkit

If you are applying for US citizenship, you will need to learn the English language as well as US civics. US civics includes information about the US politics and government system as well as US history. You do not need to know this for most US immigration applications but US civics is considered important for every US citizen. Knowing the history and government of America can help you become a better US citizen, can help you appreciate your new homeland, and can help you vote in elections and take part in politics.

To complete the process of US citizenship, you will need to pass a naturalization test in the English language. This test will examine your knowledge of US civics. Many would-be US citizens are quite nervous about this test, but this is an exam you can pass Ú as long as you prepare and study. There are many books and online programs designed to help you pass the US citizenship test. As well, many communities offer citizenship classes, which include classes that help you master US civics. Even the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) has help to offer, with its Civics and Citizenship Toolkit.

Through the USCIS Civics and Citizenship Toolkit web portal, you can access samples from the toolkit and learn how to order the toolkit yourself. The toolkit is frequently updates and contains preparation materials for the US citizenship test. Since it is created by the USCIS, the administrators of the naturalization exam, you can be sure that it contains very relevant study materials. Best of all, the toolkit is free to all organizations that help immigrants. This includes libraries, service clubs, government organizations, religious groups, community groups, and more. Any of these groups can visit the USCIS website to order their free copy of the toolkit. For these groups, the toolkit provides content for classes as well as help in training volunteers to help immigrants prepare for the US citizenship exam.

The toolkit was updated in May 2011 to include newer materials and fresh examples. Even if you have seen an older version of the toolkit, it may be useful for you to see the latest version, which includes everything you need to study for your exam. The new toolkit includes a small firm about the US citizenship exam and process, flash cards for studying civics, multimedia civics study tools, suggestions for using the toolkit, a get-started guide for organizations who want to help immigrants, and many more new additions.You will need to pass a naturalization test in the English language