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American Immigration Weekly Recap – February 18th – 22nd

Published: Mon, Feb 25th, 03:17 AM

Same sex couples deserve immigration rights. A proposal that would allow the US citizens to sponsor their same sex partners was proposed by Senator Patrick Leahy and this proposal was also backed by President Obama and Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano. Leahy says that the same sex couples deserve US immigration rights and that same sex marriages are happening all over the world.

Immigration bill to offer eight-year citizenship pathway. According to an immigration bill that was proposed by the White House, undocumented immigrants in the United States would be granted Lawful Prospective Immigrant Visas and permitted to obtain Green Cards within eight years. Undocumented immigrants who pass criminal background checks and who learn English and Civics would later on be permitted to obtain US citizenship, under this proposal.

White House defends bid for immigration reform. After the proposal of the White House was leaked, the White House defended its works but was attacked by the Republicans who also criticized the White House for not consulting with them before developing the plan. Senator Marco Rubio, who is leading the efforts of the Republicans on immigration legislation stated that the proposal of the White House would worsen the immigration problems. However, Denis McDonough, Chief of Staff, stated that the administration is working with the group of eight senators, who are preparing their own proposals.

Should the US copy the UK on immigration? America is currently debating over immigration and is looking forward to legalize undocumented immigrants who are living in the country and this is the major issue that is being focused on. The British government established the Migration Advisory Council and this council has helped the government of UK to depoliticize and improve the quality of the debate related to labor shortages and America could also follow UK and establish such a commission.

H1B petitions to be accepted starting April 1. USCIS will start accepting H-1B visa petitions from 1st April, 2013 and 65,000 H-1B US visas will be issued to foreign workers who hold bachelor's degrees and 20,000 to foreign workers who hold master's degrees. Employers who seek to hire foreign workers may start filing their petitions as of 29th March, 2013.

Immigration boosts economy experts claim. Foreign workers are found to hold advanced degrees in more numbers, than the native US citizens and it also easy for them to find jobs. Reports state that the immigrants are skilled and they boost the economy of the country. A research conducted by the Brooking Institution, demonstrates that the immigrants make up a bigger share of the workforce.

Oscar nominated film director almost deported. Emad Burnat, a film director from Palestine, who was nominated for an Academy Award was prevented from attending the ceremony and was almost deported by the US immigration officials. According to Michael Moore, US immigration officials deported Burnat as they had a notion that the invitation presented by the director was fake and they did not believe that the Palestinian director has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Coalition pushed citizenship for immigration reform. A coalition made up of human rights and labor groups wants the US Congress to implement immigration laws that would create a path to US citizenship. The coalition has also launched a national campaign with a radio advertisement in Spanish to draw the attention of the Hispanics and it also requires the Latinos to urge the US Congress on the citizenship issue.