American Immigration Weekly Recap – May 1st to 5th

Latino Immigrants in Iowa Uneasy Over Increased Deportations

Increased deportations under President Donald Trump has increased anxiety among the Latino immigrant community in Iowa, according to the Latino immigrant community leaders of the state. Read more.

Immigrant Students Get Easier Transition With Mount Olive Schools

A new afterschool program, known as the Bridge Builders program, is helping immigrant students at schools in Mount Olive. This program is helping immigrant them to prepare for their living and to achieve academic success in their new country. Read on to know more about the program.

Indian IT Companies to Be Hit by H-1B Curbs

According to Erin Green, the former immigration chief at Infosys Ltd, President Donald Trump’s executive order has made it harder for tech outsourcing firms to bring foreign workers to the U.S. on H-1B visas. This move will in turn have a detrimental effect on India’s outsourcing sector.

Anti-immigration Group Head Is New Immigration Agency Ombudsman

Julie Kirchner, who served as the director of Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), is the new ombudsman for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Kirchner served as the director of FAIR from 2005 to 2015.

Australian Man Arrested for 90 Minute US Visa Overstay

U.S. immigration authorities arrested 26-year-old Baxter Reid, an Australian man for overstaying his nonimmigrant U.S. visa by an hour and a half. He was arrested on April 24 by the border patrol agents and he and his U.S. citizen girlfriend were denied access to Canada.

US Colleges Try to Reassure Overseas Students

Followed by the decrease in the number of applications to U.S. colleges from abroad, universities in the U.S. are trying to reassure overseas students that they are welcome on their campuses. Universities are trying to combat concerns about harassment and fears that the U.S. is becoming less welcoming to immigrants.

Texas Lawmakers Allow Police to Inquire About Legal Status

The Texas Legislature recently passed a bill enabling police officers to inquire about the immigration status of individuals. It also threatens to imprison police chiefs and sheriffs who fail to cooperate with the federal law enforcement authorities. The bill also bans sanctuary cities

State Department Wants Stronger Scrutiny of US Visas

U.S. Department of State is more likely to question people applying for U.S. visas about their social media accounts. The agency has proposed tougher questioning of all applicants irrespective of the countries to which they belong, in order to keep people with connections to terror organizations out of the country. This move is said to be a step towards “extreme vetting” that the President said is necessary to prevent terrorists from gaining entry into the U.S.