American Immigration Weekly Recap – May 29th to June 2nd

Doubling of Juveniles Gaining Legal Status

As the number of juveniles arrested while trying to enter into the U.S. is on the increase, the number of applicants to the Special Immigrant Juvenile Program that grants these immigrants a pathway to a green card, is also growing. But a new legislation introduced in the House of Representatives and which is still pending, is more likely to tighten eligibility requirements for this program.

600,000 Southern Immigrants Could Get Legal Status

The Catholic Legal Immigration Network’s recent analysis claims that around 600,000 undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. are likely to have a pathway to legal residency in the U.S. through family ties, fear of persecution in their home countries and for certain other reasons.

Increase in Applications for US Citizenship Under Trump

New figures from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, shows that there is an increase in the number of green card holders applying for U.S. citizenship. In 2015, 782,975 U.S. citizenship applications were filed but in 2016, the number increased to almost a million, as President Donald Trump started to become a serious candidate and his campaign promise to deport undocumented immigrants became serious.

Visa Grants Increase for India but Decrease for Pakistan

Despite not being in the list of countries on which President Donald Trump issued a travel ban, Pakistan is experiencing a decrease in the number of nonimmigrant visas issued to its nationals. The number of nonimmigrant visas granted to Indians increased by 28 percent during March and April 2017 but the number of visas issued to Pakistanis fell by 40 percent during the same months.

Massachusetts Attorney Increases Undocumented Immigrant Prosecutions

William Weinreb, acting Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, is ramping up prosecutions of undocumented immigrants who have returned to the U.S. after being deported. Read more.

US Economy Hurt by Immigration Crackdown

According to the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the President’s immigration crackdown is having an adverse effect on the U.S. economy as the undocumented immigrants who fear deportation are staying at home and cutting their spending. He said that this is affecting the growth of the U.S. dollar.

Recent US Immigrants Better Educated, Report Says

According to an analysis performed by Washington partisan think-tank, the Migration Policy Institute, on U.S. census data, almost half of the recent immigrants to the U.S. hold college degrees. Most of these immigrants are from India, China and the Philippines.

Illegal DC Immigration Fliers Disavowed by Homeland Security

Officials from U.S. Department of Homeland Security declared that the agency did not issue the seemingly official fliers that have been appearing in Washington. Read on to know more about the fliers.