Deferred Action Recipients in Massachusetts Eligible for Resident Tuition

Undocumented immigrants in Massachusetts, who receive deferred action will now become eligible to pay lower college fees. This is applicable to undocumented immigrants who receive deferred action and legal work permits. This will benefit the undocumented immigrants who now pay more fees and students who are currently paying nonresident fees can now apply for refund. However, they may apply for refund only for this semester.

The Governor’s announcement has cheered the undocumented immigrants as the undocumented immigrants who are paying higher nonresident fees will now pay lower college fees. This will help more undocumented immigrants to attend colleges and pursue higher education. Undocumented immigrants who receive deferred action will however, not be able to obtain Green Cards or US citizenship. But the deferred action recipients will be granted permission to legally remain in the United States for two years and work legally with the renewable work permits.

Governor Deval Patrick also stated that the immigrants who hold federal work permits have been paying instate tuition since 2008. Though this initiative is supported by many, Steve Kropper, said that the governor and the US president need to focus on the US citizens and Green Card holders who are unable to pursue education.

President Obama, in June, implemented the deferred action program, that will defer the deportation of undocumented immigrants with clean records. However, they need to pay $465, while submitting their deferred action applications. According to the deferred action policy, undocumented immigrants who receive deferred action will also be granted employment authorization documents valid for two years.

US educational officers say that the deferred action recipients are not eligible for federal aid for education. However, deferred action recipients in Massachusetts will have to meet the academic and other eligibility requirements to receive federal aid. Migration Policy Institute, based on Washington, sates that there are around 20,000 undocumented immigrants in Massachusetts, who are eligible to file applications for deferred action.