Increase in the Number of Green Cards Issued to High Skilled Indians

US employers are in need of workers with specialized skills and many US employers prefer Indians with advanced degrees. Likewise, America has always been the dream country for the Indians. Most of the H-1B applications that are being filed by US employers are on behalf of Indians.

H-1B visa holders can apply for Green Cards. These cards will give them permission to work for all US employers and live anywhere in America. Around 35,472 H-1B visa holders received their US Green Cards, in the year 2012. This is around 6 times more than the number of permanent resident cards issued in 2011.

Many believe that immigration reform would keep the foreigners out of the United States. But that is not true and immigration reform would be a boon to the high skilled foreign workers. United States is now trying to attract foreign nationals with advanced degrees.

If the Senate immigration reform bill that the country is currently negotiating on is passed, several Indians would be benefited. That bill would increase the H-1B visa cap and benefit the Indians who are chasing the American dream.

To live and work permanently in America, a foreign national must hold a Green Card. The H-1B visa program will help the foreign nationals who seek to settle in America to get Green Cards. That is because H-1B visa holders can easily apply for US Green Cards.

Most of the Indians who received Green Cards in 2013 were STEM graduates. More number of H-1B visa holders currently working in America are from India, China, Mexico and Philippines. Very few H-1B workers belong to the other countries.

The US Congress is now looking forward to remove per country caps for permanent residence Cards, in order to attract talented individuals. If the country quotas are removed, Indians would greatly be benefited and more Indians would become eligible for Green Cards. Lawmakers now believe that high skilled permanent residents would benefit the country’s economy.