Is Immigration Reform Similar to Obamacare?

Opponents of immigration reform are now comparing the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform legislation to Obamacare. Many conservatives were against Obamacare that is also known as the Affordable Care Act and Obamacare aims at reforming the health care system of America. Senator Mike Lee, stated that the Senate immigration reform bill is an immigration version of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. He also stated that the bill would cost the country a lot and that the Gang of Eight’s bill would make the immigration problems worse. According to him, this immigration reform bill will not fix America’s broken immigration system.

There are still many who are against immigration reform but some Republicans who were earlier against immigration reform are now supporting immigration reform. They do not want to grant the undocumented immigrants, amnesty but they are pushing for earned citizenship. Nevertheless, the conservatives are not happy about the immigration reform bill and they say that the bill would grant the unauthorized residents amnesty and a free pass for US citizenship. Nevertheless, the lawmakers and the members who crafted the bill believe that the bill will be passed by the Fourth of July. This bill would stiffen border security, legalize the country’s undocumented immigrants and create new visa programs. Some members of the Republican party say that they do not want a large bill like the bill of the Gang of Eight and they want smaller bills.

Opponents of the bill say that the bill would not secure the border and that it would only build a fence. Nevertheless, this bill, as soon as it is signed into law would legalize the undocumented immigrants and grant them access to federal benefits. Critics compare this bill to the immigration law of 1986 that failed. Opponents say that the bill is similar to Obamacare and that it was negotiated by insiders, in secret. According to the opponents, the borders must be secured and a workable entry-exit system must be established. Similarly, a reliable employment verification system that would protect the Americans and the immigrants, must be set up. Opponents say that the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill is not immigration reform and that this bill must be opposed.