New Americans Campaign Helps Immigrants to Become US Citizens

The path to US citizenship is long and tiresome and at times it takes around two years to complete. Many Green Card holders in America who are eligible for US citizenship do not want to go for US citizenship, due to lack of information and motivation. Prospective citizens are often defrauded by fraudsters who take their money and fail to offer the required legal help and this prevents many from becoming US citizens.

In order to help such Green Card holders who are eligible for citizenship, to become US citizens, more than 80 grant makers, nonprofit systems and businesses, have joined together and have created a network called New Americans Campaign. They are planning to use around $20 million to help the prospective US citizens to obtain US citizenship. Reports state that around 8 million immigrants in America are eligible for US citizenship but are unable to become citizens due to various reasons and barriers and only 8 percent of them apply for and become US citizens every year.

Many immigrants who are financially weak feel that $680, the naturalization application fee is too much. But they are unaware of the waivers that are available. However, this campaign wants the prospective citizens to obtain US citizenship and take part in the civic life. One of the grant makers, Carnegie Corporation of New York, has made around $7 million in grants and wants to use this money to help the prospective citizens achieve their American goal. They say that the immigrants who contribute to the economy of the country must socially become a part of the country.

This campaign, through its pilot program has already helped around 30,000 lawful permanent residents to become US citizens. This campaign has planned to use new techniques to help around 3.3 million Green Card holders living in eight different cities, to become US citizens. This campaign will also find institutions that are ready to lend money to Green Card holders who cannot afford to pay the naturalization application filing fees. Geraldine Mannion from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, says that there are many people who wish to become US citizens, along with the members of their families and that will cost them a lot and so the campaign looks forward to help such immigrant families to become citizens of the country.