North Dakota Tops the List of Fastest-Growing States in America

According to the US Census Bureau, North Dakota is one of the fastest-growing states in America. Reports state that only 3 percent of the people living in North Dakota are unemployed and the total population of North Dakota has increased by 2.17% as of July 1, 2012. Nevada is also one among the quickest growing states and the unemployment rate is only 12 percent. Unemployment rates are comparatively low in the top ten states that are blooming and various other factors have also drawn the attention of new residents.

The top ten blooming American states are North Dakota, District of Columbia, Wyoming, South Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Florida, South Dakota and Nevada. People living in other states are found to move to these states that are growing. The oil industries of North Dakota are attracting new residents and around 10,000 people have moved to North Dakota from other American states. More than 6,000 young professionals and new residents have moved to Washington, D.C. from various parts of the country, for work. Unemployment rates of most of these blooming states, are below the national average. Warm weather and low taxes are the two factors that are attracting new residents to these states.

California, Texas, New York, Florida and Illinois are the American states where more people have settled and these states are the most populous states and reports state that Wyoming is the least populous American state with only 576,412 residents. Similarly, the population of Rhode Island and Michigan has also declined. Immigrant families are found to have more children when compared to the native American families and California, Texas, Florida and New York are few states with the largest Hispanic population. However, economically strong American states constantly attract new residents and Texas, California, Georgia, North Carolina and Florida, are the American states that gained more new residents.