Obama Endorsed by NY Mayor Bloomberg

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, endorsed President Obama and he said that President Obama is capable of restoring the East Coast, that was devastated by hurricane Sandy. This endorsement has encouraged President Obama as none of the presidential nominees were endorsed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2008. And the last presidential candidate who was endorsed by Mayor Bloomberg was the Republican President George W. Bush.

Bloomberg stated that various measures to cut down carbon consumption, were taken by President Obama. Obama has also strengthened the smog standards and has set high fuel-efficiency standards for vehicles. Though Bloomberg said that he will vote for President Obama, he said that Obama was not successful in solving a variety of issues related to immigration and national deficit. Mayor Bloomberg, who is a former Republican, also congratulated Romney and said that he is a good man. He said that he would have supported Romney, if Romney’s current views towards certain issues and his views towards those issues in 1994 or 2003, were the same. Bloomberg had earlier faulted, both the Democrats and the Republicans for not coming up with solutions for gun violence. Bloomberg said that the health-care law of President Obama, will save the lives of many people and that it will help people who are need insurance coverage, though the health care law has few defects.

Obama thanked Mayor Bloomberg and accepted the endorsement and stated that he will assist New York, when it is in need of help. President Obama said that, the views of Mayor Bloomberg on various issues are the same as his. He said that the country must invest in education so as to strengthen the economy and that a comprehensive immigration reform is essential. Bloomberg said that the climate change has not affected his endorsement. Environmental activists say that the candidates had not focused on climate change in their presidential debates and they had not talked about climate change even during their campaigns. However, Bloomberg says that determined leadership is essential to move the United States forward.