President Obama’s Steps to Fight Human trafficking

According to President Obama, human trafficking is a form of modern slavery and this is considered to be a violent crime against the human race. He said this while he outlined the new steps that the administration is going to take to put an end to human trafficking. Obama said that the United States and the global community must make efforts to help the victims of human trafficking. He said that there are more than 20 million people who are victims of this kind of modern slavery, across the globe and that this is an evil act which must be abolished.

In his speech, the President spoke about the efforts of the administration which will help out 20 million victims of human smuggling across the globe. He also stated that more countries around the world are enforcing laws against this form of slavery. President Obama said that the worst thing is that human trafficking also prevails in the United States. Hence the United States must take efforts to stop this cruel act first, before it could ask other countries to do so.

Victims of human trafficking are found to work for a small pay or no pay and they are ill-treated and prevented from going away from their jobs. Destitute young women are forced and sold into the sex trade. President Obama also mentioned that the country will be utilizing more resources to identify and protect such victims of human trafficking. Similarly efforts are being taken to identify organizations that are involved in human trafficking.

According to the new executive order signed by the President, protective measures against human trafficking will be heightened. He said that the taxes paid by the Americans must never be misused to support this modern form of slavery. According to the initiative of the administration, exploitation of workers and children is likely to come to an end. President Obama said that his team would put the offenders behind the bars. Through the new rules proposed by the President, federal attorneys, law enforcement officials and immigration judges will be trained on human trafficking.