Reasons Why America Needs Immigration Reform

Reasons Why America Needs Immigration ReformAmerica is a great nation made up of immigrants and now the hot-button issue is immigration reform. Many believe that these reforms would only benefit the undocumented immigrants and that it would cost the country a lot. But there are a few reasons why the country needs an immigration reform plan.

Immigration reform would benefit the country’s economy and the country. The country needs to cut down on unauthorized immigration. At the same time, it must deal with the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are living here, illegally. Hence, the country needs a plan that would secure the country’s borders and that would legalize the country’s undocumented immigrants.

If the plan of the Senate is approved and signed into law, undocumented immigrants could apply for legal status. These immigrants could come out of their shadows and start working in the country legally. They would then earn legally and pay their taxes.

Over the next 75 years, they would contribute as much as $600 billion to around $4.6 trillion, into the Social Security trust fund. Newly legalized immigrants would also support the retirees via Social Security taxes.

Similarly, this bill would help the families that have been torn apart, to reunite. It would give the undocumented immigrants a chance to enter the legalization process and live in America without the fear of deportation. Immigration reform would fix the broken immigration system of the country that currently divides families.

Immigration reform would protect vulnerable workers who are being exploited and prevent US employers from hiring workers illegally. This reform would protect the ailing economy of America.

Immigration reform would also protect the country and strengthen its border. This reform would allow more people to immigrate to America legally and put an end to unauthorized immigration.

Immigrants make America wealthier and they do not steal the jobs of Americans. The lawmakers who are currently debating on the Senate immigration reform bill must recognize the contributions that the immigrants have made and pass the reform bill. It is mandatory to pass a bill that includes strict border security provisions. At the same time, the path to US citizenship for the undocumented immigrants must not be left out.