Stay up to Date on the 2016 Presidential Election

The hot news now in the U.S. is the 2016 Presidential Election. Everyone in the country hears about politics at least once a day. However, this is not a topic that many are fond of and is something confusing for many. However, it is important to know about the election and the presidential candidates. For many, this might be their first vote. So this is the right time to get some insight about the presidential candidates.

There are various issues the candidates are debating on. However, immigration seems to be on top. Here are some resources that will help new and old U.S. citizens know more about the candidates and the presidential election.

NPR News

The “Politics” section of NPR News provides information on the presidential campaigns of all the candidates. This site also offers an option to listen to the news.

Real Clear Politics

Real Clear Politics is for people looking for up-to-date information on the election. Those more interested in politics can watch this site for polling information and to know more on the stances of the presidential candidates on various issues.


Apart from updating news very often on the website, CNN also has a mobile app. This mobile app is loaded with news, updated almost every second. People using the app can just view the headlines and then click on those that they are interested in to know more.

CBS News

CBS News, the 24/7 news network of the American television and radio network CBS has full videos of the presidential debates. This website includes polls, candidate quotes and information on where the candidates stand on various issues.


Twitter is another great platform that will help get up-to-date information on the elections and the candidates. Follow our Twitter page for the presidential election news updates.

To encourage people to educate themselves about the election and to vote, has created a page dedicated to the 2016 Presidential Election. This page includes quotes from the presidential candidates on immigration.

Keep track of the above websites or our 2016 Presidential Candidates page to know what the candidates say about immigration and other issues.