USCIS Adds More Features to the E-request System

E-request is a tool that will allow the USCIS customers to send requests related to some of the USCIS applications, that they had filed. You may use this tool to make an inquiry about an appointment notice that you receive from the Application Support Center or the Service center, if the notice contain errors. You just need to remember the receipt number in the application receipt notice, that you received from the USCIS while filing your form, to place your inquiry through e-request. Applicants who file Form I-90 may submit inquiries, if they do not receive their biometrics appointment notices.

USCIS has expanded the e-request service and has added few new features to e-request. And now the customers will be able to notify the USCIS about the administrative errors in the notices, that they receive. Similarly, the customers will be able to create service requests for all the USCIS forms and they can obtain information about the status of the applications that they had filed.

Customers who file Form I-90 and Form N-400, can place inquiries about the appointment notices that they receive from the Application Support Centers or the notices that they are likely to receive. Applicants with disabilities will also be able to use this tool. USCIS will respond to the inquiries within 30 days and if you do not receive a reply from the USCIS within 30 days, you may file another request.

To file an e-request, you need to look for the e-request page in the USCIS website and you must enter few details including your application receipt number, date on which you filed our application, zip code, etc. If you are eligible, the system will accept your request and you will be directed to the customer information screen, where you must place your request. You will then obtain a confirmation receipt with a unique confirmation number, after submitting your e-request.