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Learn How to Get a Green Card Guide DVD (English)

Learn How to Get a Green Card Guide DVD (English)

Learn How to Get a Green Card Guide DVD (English)
  • Start Application immediately.
  • Avoid mistakes: Easy step-by-step instructions.
  • New and updated Immigration Forms included.
  • Secure Download (All information protected).

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Learn How to Get a Green Card Guide DVD (English)

If you want to know how to get a Green Card, get our DVD guide. US citizens and Green Card holders are eligible to sponsor certain relatives for permanent residence in the US. Similarly, employers can sponsor qualifying employees for Green Cards. Certain individuals can even petition Green Cards for themselves. A Green Card is a document permitting non-US citizens to live and work permanently in the United States. We have guides to assist you in your quest to apply for, or renew, a Green Card.

Whichever way a person goes about getting a Green Card, it is usually not a simple process because of the number of steps involved. The "Learn How to Get a Green Card Guide" DVD (English) helps you understand the process step-by-step. It gives you all the necessary information you need about the USCIS, its immigration forms, and the application process. Become acquainted with USCIS requirements, consular procedures, and the interview process. You have your sights set on the United States of America. Immigration petitions filed correctly are a great first step.

In this How to Get a Green Card Guide DVD you will find:

  • Information about how to get a Green Card for your parents, spouse, fiancĂ©e, children, brother, or sister.
  • Expert tips about how to prepare for the Green Card interviews.
  • Information on how to navigate US Government procedures and requirements.
  • Subtitles in Spanish and other languages.

Order your DVD guide today and get prepared to apply for a Green Card!


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