R-1 Religious Worker Visa Application

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R-1 Religious Worker Visa Application

R-1 Religious Worker Visa Application

Foreign nationals who are ministers or who work in religious occupations and who wish to come to the United States for temporary employment by a non-profit religious organization, can do so with an R-1 non-immigrant visa. The religious worker must have received an official job offer from a tax-exempt religious organization.

Religious workers include ministers of religion who are approved by a recognized denomination to conduct religious worship and perform other duties usually performed by members of the clergy, such as administering the sacraments. Religious vocation is described as a calling to religious life, evidenced by the demonstration of a lifelong commitment, such as the taking of vows. Examples of religious workers under the R-1 Visa classification are nuns, monks, and religious brothers and sisters.

Religious occupations are those that require a habitual engagement in an activity that relates to a traditional religious function. Examples include liturgical workers, religious instructors or cantors, catechists, workers in religious hospitals, missionaries, religious translators, and religious broadcasters.

If you have a religious vocation and wish to come to the U. S. to work for a non-profit organization, apply today for your R-1 Visa in a few easy steps!

Immigration process can be a complex issue. In this package we will break down the complexities and explain the procedures. Find the Government forms, requirements and step-by-step instructions that you need to complete your R-1 Visa. Start today! Order your kit now!

Inside this package you will find:

  • A complete set of forms that you will need to fill out to get your R-1 Visa.
  • Glossary of Terms and Abbreviations, for you to perfectly understand what is requested in every single line of the forms.
  • What is a R-1 Visa?
  • R-1 Visa Qualification and Eligibility Requirements for Employer and Employee.
  • The R-1 Visa Process -- Step by Step.
  • Filling Out R-1 Visa Forms -- Step by Step. Employer Forms & Filing Procedures for Form I-129, and R Supplement. Employee Forms & Filing Procedures for DS-160.
  • Maintaining Status.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the R-1 Visa.
  • R-1 Visa Appendices:
    • Appendix A: Useful Websites
    • Appendix B: Steps in USCIS I-129 Petition Processing
    • Appendix C: Outline of Petition Cover Letter

It is easy and quick! Order your package now!

R-1 Religious Worker Visa Application


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