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Month: December 2010

Getting New Pages for Your Passport is Easy with Form DS-4085

Passport books have an information page, which contains the photo and personal information of the passport holders. US passports also contain multiple pages which are initially blank. These pages are used by border officials and custom officials in order to insert visas and other types of travel authorization when you travel. In most cases, a …

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Updates on the DREAM Act

The proposed legislation known as the DREAM Act would give undocumented children some form of amnesty, but the passage of the law has been challenged by opponents who feel the law has the potential to legalize many undocumented US residents. The DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act is a piece of proposed …

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New: USCIS Citizenship Resource Center

The online USCIS Citizenship Resource Center is designed to be a one-stop naturalization resource for citizenship applicants, teachers, and organizations. The site provides easy-to-understand resources for every step of the naturalization process. US citizenship applicants usually have lots of questions about the naturalization process. The organizations and teachers that help applicants through the citizenship process …

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