Do You Qualify for Naturalization?

Naturalization is the process out becoming a citizenship through legal process. There are in fact two ways to become a citizen of the United States: by birth or by naturalization. If you were born to a US citizen or if you were born on US soil, you are automatically a US citizen. Even if you …

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Immigration, Marriage, and Green Cards: How it Works

Marriage has always been one of the key ways that new families are created and one of the most frequent ways that people end up immigrating to the US. Americans travel all over the world and many visitors travel to the United States. Romances inevitably blossom between American citizens and citizens of other countries. United …

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Stay and Work in the US With Family Unity Benefits – Form I-817

The US recognizes that immigration is often a family affair, involving not just a primary applicant, but also that applicant’s family, spouse, and children. The US wants to ensure that families are not separated unnecessarily and that families do not have to make heart-wrenching decisions between their dream to immigrate to the US and keeping …

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Employers Can Take Part in USCIS Pilot Programs with Form I-876

Illegal immigration is a major concern in the US, especially as it concerns undocumented workers. Employers have a major responsibility in ensuring that they do not hire undocumented workers, but in the past it has been difficult for employers to tell which workers were authorized to work in the US and which were not. Employment …

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Proving Exemption with Form I-864W

Many people who hope to live in the US must be able to prove that they are not a risk to US residents or to the US and that they are qualified to live in the US. Many people must also prove that they will not become a public charge by using social assistance programs. …

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Form I-864P Poverty Guidelines

Part of the purpose of the immigration system in the US is to ensure that only qualified immigrants and visitors enter the US. Another aim is to ensure that people entering the US do not pose a danger to the US or its residents. There is also another purpose to many immigration laws: to ensure …

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