Month: December 2011

Understanding the USCIS Electronic Immigration System

Many businesses and organizations are making the switch from paper-based office systems to more online and digitized systems, and the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) is no different. Reducing paper use can make organizational efforts more effective, can reduce costs, and can make office processes more environmentally-friendly. The USCIS hopes to realize all these …

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Immigration Forms – Free Download List of USCIS Forms

If you need to file USCIS forms in order to apply for an immigration petition, it is important to download the latest immigration forms. The USCIS changes its forms regularly and using the wrong form or the wrong version of a form can mean that your petition is rejected. You can download the immigration forms …

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Immigrant Facts

Whether you are an immigrant or just someone interested in the US immigration process, you may be interested to know these immigration facts: US immigrants fill in many jobs that are required for the well-being of the US economy and the demand for US immigrant labor is expected to grow. By 2026, the US government …

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