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Month: May 2012

New Bill lures High-Tech Entrepreneurs to the U.S.

Immigration helps many sectors of the economy, including the high-tech sector. The US high-tech sector routinely relies on foreign investment and foreign workers with specialized skills. As a result, that segment of the economy has been one of the loudest to advocate for streamlining and simplifying the immigration process to allow more skilled workers into …

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Undocumented Workers Terminated

Undocumented immigration is a hot-button topic today and immigration authorities have been cracking down on undocumented workers, most recently resulting in the dismissal of 41 employees at Apalachicola’s Leavins Seafood. According to the owners of Leavins Seafood, the employers were not able to comply with requirements to provide valid documentation for the 41 Hispanic workers …

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Repairs For a Broken Immigration System

Many Americans and legislators are aware that the US immigration system has many problems. President Obama as well as many other lawmakers have called the system broken, while issues such as undocumented immigration, immigrant criminals, delayed immigration processes and all manner of immigration-related injustices make the headlines almost daily. One problem is that there is …

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Voter ID Laws

There is currently a huge controversy concerning voter ID laws. Advocates of the laws say they are needed to prevent voter fraud while opponents claim that the laws exist to disenfranchise eligible voters. Many experts have compared the voter ID laws to Jim Crow Laws and poll taxes in terms of the law’s ability to …

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