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Month: April 2014

Government members discuss immigration reform

The issue of immigration reform has taken the limelight in the United States in recent times. Advocacy groups, lawmakers, religious leaders and social media executives have all been hitting the headlines, turning the debate into a full blown media storm. With representatives of both major political parties having made their statements in committee meetings, interviews …

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Immigration advocates worry about tech industry deal

The support shown by the tech industry for a bill that would increase the number of US visas for skilled overseas workers has resulted in immigration advocates worrying that this powerful business sector is looking to abandon the bigger cause of comprehensive immigration reform and cut its own deal instead. That worry has spurred Senator …

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Republicans change immigration reform priorities

Republicans in the House of Representatives are altering their stance on the issue of urgent immigration reform after a wave of public criticism from religious leaders, Hispanic advocacy organizations and many notable public figures. While the fight to have comprehensive immigration reform actually enacted is a long way from being at an end, more and …

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Christians demonstrate immigration reform support at Easter

Last weekend people from all over the world celebrated Easter, which is one of the Christian faith’s holiest days and marks the end of Lent. As well as celebrating Jesus’ last weekend on Earth, Christians who also support immigration reform got together to demonstrate their support. Catholics, Baptists, Protestants and Greek Orthodox alike, as well …

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US economy benefits from undocumented immigrants

Immigration reform is one of the most emotional issues there is, particularly given that changes to the law might result in a pathway to US citizenship being given to more than 11 million undocumented immigrants. Non-partisan sources such as the United States Department of Labor, USDA, the Pew Research Center and leading researchers and economists …

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Return to grassroots strategy for immigration advocates

The US Justice Department recently released a report which indicated that the number of cases of deportation has been on a steady decline over the last five years, since 2009. Many experts think that this is due to undocumented immigrants receiving legal advice via immigration advocates and even hiring lawyers to fight the cases against …

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