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Month: December 2014

More immigrants seek church sanctuary

Around ten undocumented immigrants are being sheltered in churches across the United States while the executive action announced by President Obama is being implemented. One of these immigrants is 28-year-old Angela Navarro, an immigrant from Honduras who now lives in Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. On November 18th Navarro went to Philadelphia’s West Kensington Ministry to seek …

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Graham says immigration reform vital for Republican 2016 victory

Senator Lindsey Graham ‒ one of the Gang of Eight responsible for creating the immigration reform bill that passed the Senate in 2013, only to see it grind to a standstill in the House of Representatives ‒ says that the Republican Party will have an “almost non-existent” chance of winning the presidential election in 2016 …

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Immigration argument sees Chamber of Commerce threaten Republicans

The US Chamber of Commerce is of the opinion that the only reason the Republican Party won the midterm elections last month is because of the Chamber’s endorsement; now, it is telling the party to support immigration reform or see its support withdrawn. The Chamber wants more economic deals for big business, extra funding for …

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Tennessee joins immigration reform lawsuit

Tennessee has become the 25th state to join the lawsuit against President Obama over his decision to take executive action to enact immigration reform. Herbert Slatery, the state’s attorney general, declared that it is in Tennessee’s best interests to join the fight against the president. “While the subject of the executive action was immigration, the …

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Obama administration deporting fewer immigrants

Officials from the Department of Homeland Security say that the reluctance to enforce immigration laws in ‘sanctuary cities’ and the changing reality of undocumented immigrants has resulted in the massive decrease in the amount of people deported from the United States over the course of the last few years. Friday saw the release of statistics …

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