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Month: August 2015

Haitians and Dominicans rally over immigration

The controversy surrounding the deportation of Haitians by the Dominican Republic spilled over into the United States last week, with two groups staging simultaneous protests in the city of Miami. Undocumented immigrants, most of whom came from Haiti, have been given until June 17th next year to register with the authorities or potentially face deportation. …

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King supports Trump’s immigration stance

Iowa Republican representative Steve King has given his support to the immigration plan proposed by controversial presidential nomination candidate Donald Trump. King says he agrees with the plan, which includes putting an end to automatic birthright citizenship and constructing a wall on the border between the United States and Mexico. King claims that many of …

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Bush accuses Asians of abusing birthright citizenship

On Monday Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida and current Republican presidential nomination hopeful, accused Asians of abusing the rules enabling infants who are born in the United States to instantly gain citizenship, regardless of the legal status of their parents. Bush has been involved in a heated debate with fellow Republican candidate Donald …

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Jindal turns on birthright citizenship

Indian-American Republican presidential nomination candidate Bobby Jindal has joined leading candidate Donald Trump in calling for an end to automatic birthright citizenship in the United States.  Just one day after Trump’s tough plan to fight illegal immigration was revealed, Jindal tweeted that he agreed with the need to put an end to birthright citizenship. The …

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