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Month: September 2015

Boehner’s resignation and immigration reform

Kevin McCarthy, the majority leader in the House of Representatives, is the front-runner to succeed current speaker John Boehner, who surprised everyone by announcing his resignation last week. McCarthy’s appointment could have major implications with regard to immigration reform, given that he represents a district with a very large Latino population.Despite this, McCarthy has so …

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Mentally disabled immigrants to contest deportation

Hundreds of immigrants with mental disabilities who were ordered to be deported from the United States after being forced to represent themselves in their court hearings will now get the opportunity to contest their deportation. This time they will receive legal assistance as the result of a settlement reached on Friday, according to a civil …

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Carson rejects immigrants who want to change America

Republican presidential nomination candidate Ben Carson says that while he has no problem welcoming new immigrants into the United States, these immigrants should not be allowed to alter to the nature of the country or its populace. Speaking yesterday at Christian college Spring Arbor University in his home state of Michigan, Carson declared that America …

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Immigration group wants end to special treatment for Cubans

The announcement that 3,500 prisoners in Cuba will be released ahead of the visit by Pope Francis is a sign of hope to many that things are changing for the better in the country. Following this announcement and the decision by the US government to re-establish diplomatic relations, the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) …

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