How immigration reform would affect Social Security and Medicare

How immigration reform would affect Social Security and MedicareImmigration reform advocates, together with the nonpartisan organization the Congressional Budget Office, have declared in public that the United States would be positively affected by immigration reform in a number of different ways.  Thousands of jobs would be created by immigration reform every year, spurring economic growth and dramatically reducing the nation’s deficit.

As well as these benefits, independent researchers have also discovered evidence that indicates that the Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund, the system that supports the great majority of healthcare services in which millions of Americans are enrolled, would have its own financial stability markedly improved by immigration reform.  Many experts are predicting that the Trust Fund, which finances healthcare for people on Medicare in the United States, is likely to be depleted within 12 years, by 2026.

Immigrants who are newly legalized would give tax dollars to the Trust Fund without having to use its benefits for around ten years and Social Security is likely to be affected in much the same manner.  Undocumented immigrant workers who receive legalization would extend the solvency of Social Security by a number of years by contributing taxes to the system.

The Congressional Budget Office and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare are of the opinion that immigration reform would prove to be extremely beneficial to the programs of the United States and affect the lives of senior citizens who are enrolled in these programs in America in a very positive way.