Latinos urged to participate in September rally

Flag HatsA number of parties formed by Latin American nations have come together in California in order to assist the Millions of Voices for Immigration Reform coalition in taking action to assist with the passing of an immigration reform bill, with a rally being planned for September 22nd, according to La Opinion.

The coalition of the area’s Hispanic community leaders have requested that approval be given to immigration reform this year.  In the meeting that was staged on August 17th, the immigrant rights group Vamos Unidos USA’s President, Juan Jose Gutierrez, declared that “Today we are welcoming a community that has always been combative, has been present in all the struggles for immigration reform during all these years since the last immigration reform.”

The coalition’s Central American contingent is to represent Central America’s Hispanic population.  Coalition board member Adi Lara says that one of the primary motivations for the creation of their Central American sector was down to the fact that there are around 3.5 million people from Central America living in the United States and so representatives and the main leaders from these communities should be involved.

A lot of these organizations were created by Central American countries that have members living in southern California and Los Angeles, including Panama, which has little presence in the United States but has nonetheless joined with the movement in order to demonstrate its support in the issue of immigration reform.