Using the InfoPass Immigration Form Online for USCIS Issues

InfoPass is a no-cost service which allows individuals to schedule an appointment with an Immigration Officer with the USCIS. Using the form InfoPass online, individuals can easily schedule a local appointment at a local USCIS office. The InfoPass immigration form for appointments is available online at any time of the day or night and offers several advantages:

1) It’s convenient. With the form InfoPass service, you can schedule your own appointment from any computer instantly, at any time. This is far more conevninet than phoning the USCIS and being put on hold.

2) It costs nothing.

3) It’s simple. You can complete the USCIS form InfoPass online simply by selecting the “Make an Appointment” option and following the prompts and filling out the forms. Once the appointment is made, you can print out the details so that you will have all the details at your fingertips. If you cannot find an appointment date that you like, just check back the next day, as new appointment times and dates are always being made available.

4) You can fill out form InfoPass online in one of 12 languages.

5) It is accessible. To use the form InfoPass service, all you need is a computer with an internet connection. You can even access a computer for free at your local public library in order to use the service.

Once you have made an appointment through the InfoPass service, you will need to remember to bring specific documents with you. For example, you will need government-issued ID, the printed InfoPass appointment notice confirmation that proves you have an appointment, proof of your immigration status (such as your green card, your
visa, or Form I-94), and any documentation and forms related to your specific question or immigration issue. Failure to bring all these documents can delay the process and can mean you will need to make an additional appointment to solve your issue.

Once you have used the free InfoPass service to book an appointment, it is expected that you will honor that appointment. However, certain things may occur which makes it impossible for you to keep your appointment. Should this happen, you can reschedule or cancel your appointment. Simply access InfoPass again through a computer and use the identification numbers at the bottom of your appointment confirmation notice printout to reschedule or cancel your appointment. There is penalty or cost for this service. Remember to bring your new appointment confirmation notice printout with you to your new appointment. If you lose your printout, visit the InfoPass service online to print out a new copy.