Application for naturalization updated by USCIS

Application for naturalization updated by USCISThe United States Citizenship and Immigration Services are in the process of implementing an initiative which will make it easier for immigrant applicants to use their forms. USCIS are releasing an updated version of Form N-400, also known as the Application for Naturalization form.

The revised application form has been introduced as a result of USCIS’ initiative to have their forms made more comprehensible to immigrant applicants. The latest N-400 form will give the immigration services extra tools to help them make better-informed decisions about whether or not a particular applicant is eligible for citizenship and will also make the instructions easier to understand. The updated application process will also include new technology in order to improve both accuracy and efficiency, both for applicants and USCIS.

The eligibility requirements that have to be met on the N-400 form remain the same despite the revisions, which include extra questions that conform to the Child Soldier Prevention Act of 2008 and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. There will be more specific instructions given to applicants to assist them to complete every section of the naturalization application while also highlighting general eligibility requirements.

The technology that is being utilized with the N-400 form includes the likes of 2D barcode tech at the foot of every page. This is able to more efficiently scan data and directly input it into USCIS systems. The use of this technology is also expected to improve data quality, processing efficiency and overall integrity.