Benefits of Obtaining Citizenship

If you are considering filing a citizenship application in order to become a US citizen, you are embarking on a serious and life-altering course. It is a big decision to pursue US citizenship. There are many responsibilities with citizenship, but also many benefits of getting your US citizenship:

  • The right to vote. When you become a US citizen, you will be able to vote in all federal and state elections. This means that you will have a voice in who will be your elected representative.
  • A US passport. You can only carry a US passport if you have citizenship. Your US passport will allow you to easily leave and re-enter the US. As well, if you need assistance when traveling, your US passport will allow you to seek help from US consulates and embassies abroad.
  • The duty to serve on a jury. Once your US citizenship is passed, you will have a duty to sit on federal and state juries, if you are selected for jury duty. This is a citizen’s duty but also is a privilege in that it gives you a voice in shaping the justice system.
  • Sponsorship for family members. As a US citizen, you will be able to sponsor more family members than you can as a green card holder.
  • Apply for all jobs in the US. Some federal jobs and special security-clearance jobs in the US are only open to those with US citizenship. With naturalization, you will have access to more jobs.
  • Guarantee citizenship for your unborn children. Children born to US citizens are US citizens by birthright. Even if you give birth outside the US after becoming a citizen, your children will generally enjoy US citizenship.
  • Run for elected office. As someone with US citizenship, you will be able to run for local, state, and federal office. This will give you the voice you need to shape the future of the country and actually contribute to the future history and success of the US.
  • Eligibility for benefits, scholarships, and grants. In many cases, scholarships, grants, government benefits, and financial aid of many types are only available to those with citizenship. By becoming a citizen, you will be able to take advantage of these programs, which in many cases are supported by your tax dollars.
  • Live and work permanently in the US. The residency that comes with citizenship cannot generally be taken away. Filing your citizenship application is the first step to ensuring that you can remain in the US for the rest of your life.