Biden guarantees immigration reform victory

American flag on poleRepublican Party leaders in the House of Representatives have already stated that they will not be taking up the bill for comprehensive immigration reform that was passed by the Senate earlier this year, but that has not stopped Vice President Joseph Biden from guaranteeing on Wednesday that the Senate measure, including the controversial path to US citizenship, provision, will end up becoming law.

“We’re going to pass this Senate bill that we’re talking about here,” Biden noted in the middle of a question and answer session that was held online, during which he and the director of domestic policy for the White House, Cecilia Munoz, took questions via Skype and Twitter.  “It’s going to happen.”  In reply to one woman who was worried about her undocumented parents being deported, Biden assured her that the immigration reform bill will become law very soon.

“You’re not going to have to worry about anything,” Biden told her.  “And your parents aren’t going to have to worry about being deported.  They’re going to get in line and they’re going to move exactly the way the bill calls for and they’ll be able to earn their citizenship within a time frame that’s rational.”

Biden and Munoz both expressed great optimism that the broken immigration system of the United States will be improved and reformed in the next few years throughout the session, citing the support that such reform enjoys from both major political parties and by most of the American people.