Calls continue across US for immigration reform

DeportationThe debate continues over comprehensive immigration reform as civil rights activists, lawyers and communities all across the United States express their desire to see a better world created for undocumented immigrants. Advocates for immigration reform are gathering in cities across the country in order to protest the unfair treatment given to immigrants, with discussions over realistic and practical immigration reform being heated up by law makers in influential states.

Earlier this month, hundreds of people in Dona Ana County, New Mexico, carried picket signs reading “la poli-migra” outside the office of the county sheriff while chanting in support of immigration reform. The unfair treatment of undocumented immigrants in the area was the focus of their protest. The rally was held by immigration and human rights advocacy organization ‘Border Network for Human Rights’ after the Latino Post claimed local police were greatly extending their authority when it came to enforcing the law.

The protestors demonstrated in order to expose certain aggressive acts that had been carried out by Dona Ana police officers, including acting as federal immigration agents at traffic stops. The officers have reportedly been asking about the immigration status of those stopped, demanding Social Security numbers and proof of citizenship.

Over in Florida, pressure is being put on Congress to pass immigration reform by civil rights supporters, politicians and the League of Women Voters. State Senator Darren Soto says that as one of the leading states in regards to immigration reform it would be a significant victory to win the battle there.