Companies assist immigrants to get US citizenship

Green CardEmployers in Miami, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Washington are assisting immigrants to get US citizenship via the National Immigration Forum, which is based in Washington, Fox News says.  Hotels, a clothing factory and health clinics are among the firms that are offering one-site help from immigration advocates.

The source claims that the efforts that are made to assist immigrants with gaining citizenship results in a win for both sides since it allows companies to form a bond with their workers while simultaneously removing the cost of legal fees for those workers.  “You create some sense of loyalty,” notes InterContinental Miami Human Resources Manager Leonie Timothee.  “It is going to be a part of you for the rest of your life, and to know your place of employment helped you, assisted you in becoming a citizen – I think that’s a great deal.”

In the United States, the great majority of immigrants can put in an application for US citizenship after they have held a green card for a period of five years, as well as successfully passing civic and English tests.  Fox News, however, says that it is frequently a much longer process because of the high application fees and the fear that a lack of understanding or poor English will jeopardize their chances.

Nineteen companies have agreed to participate in the attempt to assist immigrants with the paperwork necessary for applying for citizenship since 2012, with high-tech firms being at the forefront of the push.