Eligible residents avoid applying for US citizenship

Eligible residents avoid applying for US citizenshipMany people who are legal permanent residents of the United States, also referred to as holders of green cards, are eligible to gain full citizenship.  However, the reality is that only a very small percentage of them ever actually put in an application to do so.

The process of citizenship and naturalization seem very daunting to a lot of people.  Many residents who are eligible to gain US citizenship are unaware of how many benefits it would offer them, according to USA Today.  Between paying fees, studying for the test, filing paperwork and learning to speak English, it is perhaps not surprising that many people put the idea off, but it is important to keep in mind that the process of naturalization is such a long one that there is plenty of time in which to learn, as well as methods to make things simpler.

The N-400 form can actually be filed online, which provides the option of being able to work from home.  A checklist has been created and posted online by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services that enables people to plan ahead and keep track of their progress.  The paperwork can thus be gotten through with the minimum of stress.

The first part of the citizenship test is proficiency with English; the second part is an oral exam with ten questions on the history of the United States, but it is less about memory than it is about being able to understand concepts.